AMC Health, the leading provider in telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM) technology, announced its expanded relationship with long-term client Gallagher Home Health, utilizing AMC’s telehealth capabilities to help assess, monitor and triage patients at-home who are chronically ill and at high risk; those living with heart failure, COPD, hypertension and diabetes.  AMC and Gallagher have been in partnership since early 2014 and are working closely to help fight the risks and serious impact of COVID-19.

The expanded telehealth services will be provided to Gallagher Home Health and their patients, including new IVR (interactive voice response) and patient Bluetooth peripheral kits, including pulse oximeter and thermometers for patients who are symptomatic and/or diagnosed with COVID-19.

“We are excited to build our long-standing relationship with Gallagher and trust they have in us to help reduce the capacity strain on their doctors and nurses as COVID-19 continues to rapidly escalate.  For several months, we have prepared for this crisis, ensuring greater customization for our clients and their patients, including provider-patient video capabilities, real-time tools to assess and monitor patient vitals at-home, and a full suite of IVR solutions that meets the needs of Gallagher Home Health.  We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach – it’s about meeting the needs of our clients when and where they want it,” said Nesim Bildirici, CEO of AMC Health.

AMC’s telehealth capabilities serve hospitals, health plans, and Veterans, alike. Their platform combines state-of-the-art technology that easily enables their customers, like Gallagher, with fully scalable, integrated, and customized solutions that proactively ensure high-risk patients are monitored from the comfort of their own home.

“AMC Health is a trusted partner that has worked with us to help manage hundreds of patients from the comfort of their own home. Today, in the wake of the COVID crisis, taking care of our patients is priority one and having the ability to reduce the capacity strain for our clinical teams and staff gives us the needed edge on assessing, managing and mitigating the impact of COVID-19.  AMC’s telehealth capabilities provides us with the means to stay connected to and interact with our patients, monitoring their daily health, while keeping them at home or determining if they should be seen, directly,” said Dwain Gahagen, LPN, High Risk Population Health Manager with Gallagher Home Health Services.

Source: Company Press Release