The firms will work together to develop CDS and patient engagement tools, which will be used to facilitate physician identification of patients suffering from IBS-D in clinical practice and monitor their treatment outcomes.

The new patient engagement platform is being developed to assess symptoms and health outcomes among patients with IBS-D in a real-world clinical setting.

It will enable healthcare practitioners to securely engage, monitor and manage IBS-D patients between visits through ongoing health assessments evaluating patient symptoms, quality of life, and treatment impacts.

Data from the assessments will enable physicians to act as per the patient's condition, helping to improve health outcomes.

In addition, the platform will help to generate real-world data on the impact of current treatment options for patients with IBS-D

Allergan chief medical officer Dr Gavin Corcoran said: "The collaboration with SonarMD is a further demonstration of Allergan's long-term commitment to improving the lives of patients with IBS-D through better patient care and access to innovative treatments.”

SonarMD medical director Jonathan Rosenberg said: "Traditionally, the limited diagnostic and therapeutic options available for patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, combined with the reluctance of those patients to discuss their symptoms with healthcare practitioners, has presented a major barrier to providing them with the most effective care.”

SonarMD is engaged in the development of care management algorithms for the management of patients with chronic disease.