American Medical Systems, a subsidiary of Endo Health Solutions, has obtained CE Mark approval for its RetroArc retropubic sling system, designed to treat female stress urinary incontinence (SUI).

In collaboration with leading physicians, the RetroArc retropubic sling system was designed to maintain the familiar features of transvaginal retropubic sling systems that work, while incorporating new enhancements and fine-tuned adjustments to better meet the needs of physicians.

The RetroArc Retropubic Sling System is designed with time-tested AMS mesh with an adjustment suture and ergonomic, quick-release handle.

The RetroArc retropubic system needle provides an intuitive and familiar surgical experience. The quick-release handle has been specifically designed to provide consistent mesh placement, while maximizing comfort and control.

American Medical Systems president Camille Farhat noted the company is committed to providing world-class medical devices that improve patients’ quality of life.

"The RetroArc Retropubic Sling System is another example of how AMS innovates to provide world-class medical devices for patients around the world. We support our products with robust physician training and we encourage physician-patient conversations on the risks and benefits of these therapies," Farhat added.

With the launch of RetroArc, the company provides a comprehensive portfolio of female continence products that include Minislings, Transobturator slings, and Retropubic slings.

Minislings offer a single-incision approach, Transobturator slings facilitate an ‘outside in’ approach, and Retropubic slings allow surgeons to take a ‘top down’ or ‘bottom up’ transvaginal retropubic approach.