By allowing fast display and evaluation of teeth and jaw in true anatomical size, the Syngo device is intended to produce panoramic and paraxial views of the upper and lower jaws from thin-slice spiral scans.

The device is applicable in pre-surgical planning for implants, besides being useful in saving images and enabling easy compilation of patient history and more practical long-term diagnoses.

Advaclinic director Dr. Samir Kalander said that the clinic paid special attention to the dental field in particular, as dental problems have been proven to be the most wide spread in developing countries, and especially amongst younger generations.

The new device minimizes the time taken by the dental diagnosis to examine teeth manually thus ensuring less pain for patients.

Taking the patient’s health into consideration, Advaclinic’s CT Scan equipment from Siemens provides the latest Radiation Dose Reduction Technology, which is considered be safer.

By using MPR technology and a software for whole body angiography and diagnoses, the device is claimed by the company to help doctors in examining top to bottom.