Given Imaging has unveiled RAPID pH review and analysis software for the Bravo pH Monitoring System. This new software was designed to streamline pH monitoring workflow through simplified, easy-to-use screen layouts and intuitive software navigation. RAPID pH replaces the software previously associated with the Bravo pH monitoring system, which was acquired in December 2008.

RAPID pH incorporates benefits like simplified screen and workflow design, enabling access to the most frequently used features and processes for managing pH monitoring studies, compatibility with all existing Bravo capsules and receivers, enabling seamless integration for existing customers.

The other benefits include enhanced support of 96-hour pH monitoring procedures, flexibility to be installed in a variety of hardware platforms including Rapid workstations, standalone laptop or desktop computers, and systems connected to a facilities network.

In addition, multiple pre-configured report templates providing physicians with study results in a format to meet their diagnostic needs, touch-screen navigation when installed on the appropriate hardware are also included.

RAPID pH also provides the IT integration features of rapid access, Given Imaging’s proprietary capsule endoscopy software solution, including, ability to utilize existing computers and network system to create, manage and store Bravo studies, importing of patient demographic data for easy patient check-in and exporting of procedure reports for use in electronic medical record systems.

Laurence Lovat, consultant gastroenterologist at University College London Hospital, said: “As a USB based system that can be installed on any computer and it will integrate very well into my practice workflow. The reports are easy to create and read and it will save a considerable amount of post-procedure reporting time.”

Homi Shamir, president and chief executive officer of Given Imaging, said: “We are committed to continually improving our products to enrich the physician and patient experience. RAPID pH represents a marked improvement from the previous Bravo software and incorporates many features that we know are important to GI physicians. We will continue to upgrade the Bravo experience as we engage in dialogue with the growing number of Bravo users.”

RAPID pH is expected to be commercially available to all markets in January 2010.