Launch of the pelvic plating system marks Acumed’s entry into the market of orthopaedic implants for the pelvis.

The new pelvic plating system features plates, screws and instrumentation designed to provide fixation for fractures, fusions, and osteotomies of the acetabulum, sacrum, ilium, and pelvic ring as well as treatment of sacroiliac joint dislocations and symphysis pubis disruptions.

The system has both strategically pre-contoured and un-contoured plates, pre-contoured in places where it may save time and add secure fixation, and un-contoured in places to allow for buttressing of fractures or varying patient anatomy.

Utilizing instrumentation provided within the system, it allows for the option to bend any of the pelvic plates.

Enhancements to traditional pelvic instrumentation have been incorporated, including various pliers, cutters, clamps and drills, in order to ease surgical techniques and reduce time in surgery to benefit both surgeon and patient.

Acumed Extremities, Trauma and Biologics vice president Rich Rice noted the company is focused on expanding its trauma presence in areas where it feels it can leverage engineering excellence and innovation to provide new solutions.

"We identified pelvic fractures as an indication where very little innovation has occurred in the last ten years.

"Moreover, with the aging population in developed countries, we feel the incidence rate of pelvic fractures per year will increase and there will be a need for better solutions than are on the market today," Rice added.