4D Sono-Scan is a software solution to review and analyse 3D/4D radiologic ultrasound data from many vendors.

4D Sono-Scan is optimised for the visualisation of anatomical structures such as fetal images or abdominal organs with its variety of functions for radiologic applications.

The system’s standard 2D measurements can be used to analyse diameters, areas or circumferences on the MPR views while the 3D volume measurement functionality enables the user to calculate the volume of any object.

4D Sono-Scan is equipped with TomTec’s SRI Filter Technology that supports the user by providing clear 2D MPR images even if ultrasound data might not have been acquired perfectly.

TomTec CMO Frank Schlau said that with 4D Sono-Scan they have managed to bring experience to the radiological field by developing a solution that combines their key strengths: a vendor-independent software with a streamlined workflow that is designed to optimize daily routine and diagnostic outcome.