Based in Kentucky, Revon Systems has developed a data collection platform, which incorporates mobile technology and connected devices with health care services and therapies.

The digital interface of the platform is said to support data collection for the investigation of the performance of pharmaceutical and other interventions in various patient populations.

The firm’s technology platform allows digital registry services, real world evidence collection and patient reported outcomes tracking for pharmaceutical and medical device companies carrying out clinical trials.

Zyus is planning to use Revon’s technology platform as a digital therapeutic patient interface and a real-time data collection platform during various future planned clinical studies and trials.

Revon patient app facilitates patients to directly connect with their physicians to better track health and manage conditions. The app also allows patients to use AI based self-triage tool called Smart Symptom Tracker, which is designed for better use and minimal disruption.

Smart Symptom Tracker for COPD helps users manage their condition and make informed decisions when faced with vulnerable symptoms.

Revon physician app is a web interface, which allows physicians to manage their patients and study their health history. It will also help physicians to update health outcomes from their end, which is useful for researchers.

Zyus Life Sciences president Brent Zettl said: “This new proprietary platform will be used as a clinical trial tool for our product candidate addressing pain, in order to help expedite the clinical trial process and generate a stronger interface and engagement with patients.

“We are delighted to put Revon’s digital expertise in the hands of ZYUS as we pursue innovative therapies to better the lives of patients,”

Zyus is involved in the development and commercialisation of advanced cannabinoid-based therapeutics and product candidates.

Through clinical research and IP development, the company focuses on producing quality oils, gel-caps, topical creams and other cannabinoid-based therapeutics and product candidates for patients across the world.