The Insight system allows researchers and clinicians to gather detailed sleep staging information from their patients or research subjects.

Automatically calculated by the Insight, the results are available immediately when the user wakes up in the morning.

General Sleep president and Dr Richard Kaplan said: "The Zmachine Insight is unparalleled in its capabilities to automatically record and stage sleep with a very high degree of precision.

"Unlike the current crop of home sleep monitors and smartphone apps that rely on the presence of absence of movement to try to infer whether someone is sleeping or not, the Insight measures the EEG (brainwave) signal and processes that signal with advanced algorithms."

Through using a set of three peel-and-stick sensors, the Insight will carry out its assessment of the user’s sleep architecture.

The system’s smartphone-sized form factor has been designed to accommodate convenient in-home use.

Zmachine Insight system, which received FDA approval to sell for healthcare providers and researchers, is available at a price of $499.

The company designs and develops medical devices that use electroencephalography (EEG) in different health care applications, including anesthesiology and sleep medicine.

Image: General Sleep’s Zmachine Insight. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.