The SCIRP challenges the scientific community to design and conduct research that will foster new directions to address neglected issues in the field of Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) focused research.

Bill Colone, CEO of Spinal Singularity said, “This award is significant because it recognizes and validates our scientific research methods for collecting clinical data to support the development of life-changing medical devices. Injured warfighters, and other patients with similar conditions, will benefit greatly from the work supported by this funding.”

Derek Herrera, Founder and CTO of Spinal Singularity said, “Our team is ecstatic to receive this award. As a paralyzed Veteran, I am one of thousands of male catheter users who may benefit from the research completed with these funds. I am so grateful that Congress continues to fund these activities, because the research may exponentially improve the quality of life for so many.”

Source: Company Press Release