The PrisMax system has been designed with input from over 650 healthcare practitioners across the world.

The system features new technology to make delivering therapy simpler and more efficient as well as enhance treatment accuracy in the ICU.

Baxter has also received CE mark for TherMax blood warmer, which is used alongside the PrisMax system,

The company said the warmer is a critical component for extracorporeal therapies as a patient’s blood is purified outside of the body and must be at a certain temperature prior to returning to the body.

Baxter’s Acute Therapies business general manager Reaz Rasul said: “Baxter has been a leader in continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) technology for more than 20 years. We’ve built on this expertise to bring to market the most advanced technology currently available that directly addresses what clinicians have said they need to better treat patients: simplicity, efficiency and accuracy.

“The PrisMax system is foundational to accomplishing our shared vision to help transform care for critically ill patients and establish best-in-class treatments for a variety of organ support therapies.”

The PrisMax system builds the company’s Prismaflex technology, which is used in hospitals in more than 90 countries, in combination with specialty dialyzers.

It delivers a complete range of extracorporeal (outside the body) therapies to remove waste products, excess fluids and inflammatory mediators and helps in managing patients with acute kidney injury (AKI) and as an aid in sepsis management.

A multicenter, international pilot study is claimed to have found that PrisMax offered significant improvements in areas that impact efficiency and ease of use. These include the time needed for bag changes, the number of informational and malfunction alarms, how often the blood pump stops, filter life and machine downtime.

The TherMax warmer uses a bi-directional connection with the PrisMax system to help meet warming targets by automatically adjusting heating to meet the prescribed return blood temperature.

It also includes several advanced patient safety features to help control blood return temperature, identify leaks, and to ensure the correct setup.