US-based medical equipment company ResMed has wrapped up the acquisition of Leipzig-based company mementor with insomnia digital health solution somnio.

With the acquisition, ResMed adds a digital insomnia treatment to its entire sleep portfolio in Germany.

Established in 2014, mementor created Germany’s first and only permanently authorised Digital Health Application (DiGA) in the area of sleep medicine, somnio.

Additionally, it complies with the General Data Protection Regulation’s data protection regulations for the European Union (GDPR).

With the acquisition, mementor may take advantage of ResMed Germany’s larger network to promote the use of somnio, a digital therapy alternative that is now offered in Germany as an “app on prescription.”

The S3 guideline from Germany recommends cognitive behavioural treatment for insomnia (CBT-I), although only a small portion of those who are affected actually obtain it.

somnio fills a void in the treatment of insomniacs and supports ResMed’s initiatives to raise awareness of this condition and access to efficient home remedies.

Two randomised controlled trials that examined the clinical efficacy of somnio found that users’ sleep quality continued to improve after two and 12 months.

ResMed Germany president Katrin Pucknat said: “mementor is an ideal fit for ResMed Germany and, more important, millions of people across Germany who want to improve their sleep and overall health.

“The founders have identified a large and neglected area of healthy sleep with an opportunity to help millions of people solve their chronic sleep issue with an easy-to-use digital at-home solution.

“We look forward to working with the team at mementor to help even more people in Germany achieve good, healthy sleep.”

Upon completion, mementor will become a separate business entity of ResMed and will act as a platform for future advancements in the field of digital health.

Dr Noah Lorenz, co-founder and CEO of mementor, and Katherina Jekerle, a former senior marketing director for ResMed Germany and a member of the German leadership team, will share leadership of the business division.