Japanese company Olympus has agreed to acquire Netherlands-based multispectral imaging solutions provider Quest Photonic Devices for up to €50m.

The deal also includes milestone payments to strengthen the surgical endoscopy capabilities of Quest.

Quest offers advanced fluorescence imaging systems (FIS) for the medical field, thereby helping to deliver enhanced surgical endoscopy capabilities compared to conventional imaging technologies.

Fluorescence imaging, which refers to special light imaging technologies, utilises the properties of fluorescent dyes directed to specific anatomical structures.

Quest provides advanced technologies for multi-spectral imaging and imaging systems for medical applications, ranging from fluorescence imaging to photodynamic therapy.

Quest Spectrum system enables fluorescence-guided surgery

Quest Spectrum fluorescence imaging system facilitates fluorescence-guided surgery for open and minimally invasive procedures.

With an ability to ”see through tissue” with enhanced sensitivity, the system is capable of providing inaccessible information to improve clinical outcomes.

Olympus’ existing laparoscopic imaging system called VISERA ELITE II is already installed with fluorescence imaging technology.

To detect blood vessels or lymph nodes under the surface tissues, VISERA ELITE II uses the near-infrared light, thereby allowing surgeons to conduct safer procedures with lower complication risks.

The acquisition of Quest will allow Olympus to expand its medical imaging solutions, as well as deliver advanced solutions, including 3D and 4K imaging, to surgeons.

Olympus surgical endoscopy global head Kanichi Matsumoto said: “We are delighted to incorporate Quest’s advanced FIS capabilities into our comprehensive medical imaging portfolio.

“The combination of the  Quest Spectrum product lines leading  FIS technologies with Olympus’ existing laparoscopic imaging  system  VISERA  ELITE II  will  enable  Olympus  to  offer  surgeons a  wide range of high-quality fluorescence imaging solutions.”

Earlier this month, Olympus closed the acquisition of Veran Medical Technologies (VMT), a provider of advanced medical devices focused on interventional pulmonology.