The combined solution is intended to manage diabetes by capturing, storing, and transmitting blood glucose data gathered in patients by using the Roche Diabetes Care's Accu-Chek Guide Me system


Astellas Pharma, Roche Japan to develop integrated diabetes self-management solution with BlueStar. (Credit: Roche Diabetes Care)

Astellas Pharma and Roche Diabetes Care Japan (Roche Japan) have entered into an agreement to develop and commercialise the latter’s Accu-Chek Guide Me blood glucose monitoring system as a combined medical product with BlueStar.

Developed by Welldoc, BlueStar is an US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-cleared digital health solution for diabetes patients. It is currently available in US and Canada for adults living with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

Japan-based Astellas Pharma and Welldoc are co-developing BlueStar in Japan. The former has plans to secure regulatory approval and reimbursement as a combined medical product in the future.

The combined solution is intended to manage patients’ diabetes by capturing, storing, and transmitting blood glucose data gathered from Roche Diabetes Care’s Accu-Chek Guide Me system.

Astellas Pharma said that the solution also monitors medication, diet, activity, and exercise in Welldoc’s BlueStar(app).

Additionally, it will aid in patients’ diabetes self-management with an artificial intelligence (AI)-based algorithm, and customised digital coaching messages and insights for developing better habits over time.

The Japanese firm will conduct the clinical trials of the combined medical product, which are scheduled to begin this year.

Astellas Pharma chief strategy officer Naoki Okamura said: “Under our Corporate Strategic Plan 2021, “Advance the Rx+ businesses” is one of the strategic goals Astellas is committed to.

“We hope that we can deliver greater VALUE to patients by expanding our partnership with Welldoc through BlueStar and connected insights with Roche Diabetes Care’s glucose meters.”

The partnership between Astellas, Roche Diabetes Care Japan, and Welldoc aims to offer a new treatment option and support patients suffering from diabetes.

Roche Diabetes Care Japan country manager Noriko Hattori said: “Together with Astellas, Roche Diabetes Care is making innovations in diabetes care more accessible through connected devices and digital products, to bring true relief for people living with diabetes.

“We are creating patient-centered value by enabling access to relevant data insights for informed diabetes therapy management, facilitating clinical development and regulatory and reimbursement decisions.”

In 2019, Astellas Pharma inked an agreement worth $15m with Welldoc to jointly develop and commercialise BlueStar in Asian countries including Japan.