US-based medical device company NeoLight has acquired ophthalmic imaging devices provider Phoenix Technology Group (PTG) for an undisclosed sum.

PTG offers advanced ophthalmic imaging devices, including a telemedicine platform for retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) screening.

The company’s product portfolio consists of ocular imaging devices such as Phoenix ICON, Phoenix ICON GO, in addition to the telemedicine platform Phoenix CONNECT that is earlier called FocusROP.

The deal does not cover Phoenix MICRON and associated systems, which will be transferred to a separate entity.

NeoLight cofounder and executive chairman Vivek Kopparthi said: “Since our founding at Arizona State University, NeoLight’s entire focus has been to deliver the best technologies possible for the newborn care market. The technologies that will be the new gold standard for the coming decades.

“PTG’s technologies are state of the art and deeply empathy-driven like ours’. We are excited as this complimentary acquisition also enables us to reach a larger market with greater speed.”

The acquisition of PTG will enable NeoLight to enhance its newborn eye screening and hyperbilirubinemia detection/treatment product offerings through combined development capabilities

Phoenix ICON and Phoenix CONNECT products allows NeoLight to expand its empathy-driven clinical offerings to diagnose and treat newborn conditions.

The Phoenix ICON platform is designed to deliver high-contrast and high-resolution images, while Phoenix Icon Go offers quality images and ease of use in an easily portable system for remote screening and portability.

The Phoenix CONNECT platform is designed to connect the nursing, ophthalmology, and neonatology teams and facilitate timely expert screening of babies in any NICU.

Through the NeoLight US sales team, the Phoenix ICON camera system will be marketed in the US and Canada. Phoenix ICON is marketed in over 95 countries across the world.

NeoLight is planning to use the distribution network to market the Skylife Neonatal Phototherapy products.