Swedish firm Flow Neuroscience has added to its portfolio of brain stimulation technologies for improving mental wellbeing by acquiring US start-up Halo Neuroscience.

With the acquisition of Halo’s neurostimulation headset, as well as its R&D efforts and patents, Flow believes it can become a leader in the application of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) to treat depression and other mental health disorders.

Swedish start-up company Flow created the first brain stimulation headset in Europe to be registered as a medical device for treating depression at home, gaining a CE mark and BSI accreditation in 2019.

The device, which delivers low-level electrical currents to the brain, redressing imbalances in neural activity that are thought to cause certain mental health problems, also comes with an AI-powered smartphone app that guides its user through behavioural therapy exercises.

Flow has now added to this offering by acquiring San Francisco-based firm Halo’s headset, which uses tDCS to stimulate the motor cortex of the brain and improve cognitive performance, voluntary movement and overall mental wellbeing.

As well as continuing the research efforts Halo has conducted with several prestigious US universities, Flow will now aim to progress its own tDCS capabilities by expanding treatment to include mental health issues that are commonly comorbid with depression, and address other pressing issues like rehabilitation and motor impairment.

Daniel Mansson, a clinical psychologist who is the CEO and co-founder of Flow Neuroscience, said: “Our aim is to dramatically improve the lives of people who struggle with their mental health.

“Halo’s technology and academic research complement that of Flows’ in an almost magical way, and will help us to take a very important next step on this journey together with our community of users.”

Brett Wingeier, CEO and co-founder of Halo Neuroscience – who will now support this progress as an advisor to Flow – said: “Flow is the best possible successor and a great home for everything we built at Halo with the help of our team, our customers, and our collaborators.

“We’re looking forward to seeing Flow’s research and technology advance the state of the art in neuromodulation, and make an enormous impact on mental health worldwide with efficient, patient-specific, precision treatment.”

flow halo neuroscience
Flow’s headset for at-home depression treatment and Halo’s brain stimulation headphones (Credit: Flow/Halo)