Digital therapeutics provider Biofourmis has agreed to acquire Switzerland-based Biovotion for an undisclosed sum.

Based in Zürich, Biovotion is a major developer of an advanced clinical-grade wearable biosensor platform.

Under the deal, Biofourmis will acquire complete Biovotion’s assets, including the Everion biosensor and over 60 global patents related to the wearable and sensor technology that is used for the arm or hand.

Biofourmis CEO and founder Kuldeep Singh Rajput said: “Biovotion had been a trusted partner for many years as we have leveraged each other’s technologies across numerous clinical, commercial and research applications.”

The acquisition of Biovotion will allow Biofourmis to provide advanced clinical-grade wearables as part of its Biovitals ecosystem.

Biovitals is an advanced personalised AI-powered predictive analytics platform

Biovitals is an advanced personalized artificial intelligence (AI)-powered predictive analytics platform, which holds the capacity to predict clinical exacerbation in advance of a critical event.

The acquisition is expected to allow Biovotion’s wearables to be combined with Biofourmis’ digital therapeutics platform and its AI-driven predictive analytics to create a comprehensive digital therapeutics solution on the market, said the company.

Part of the Biovitals ecosystem, Biofourmis’ clinically validated and FDA-approved software-based digital therapeutics are already being used across multiple segments of healthcare and life sciences to predict and prevent adverse health events.

Everion device, which is a major product of Biovotion’s wearables, is a multi-sensor platform worn on the arm to measure 22 parameters in real time.

The multi-parameter physiology data acquired from Everion will be an integral component of Biovitals’ digital therapeutics products and pipeline for the management of conditions such as heart failure, COPD, oncology and pain.

Biovotion chairman and CEO Dr. Markus Christen said: “Our relationship with Biofourmis has been extremely beneficial over the years and in that time has grown in scope and depth, so joining forces made strategic sense for both our companies.”

In October this year, Biofourmis secured the US FDA’s 510(k) approval for its machine-learning and AI-powered Biovitals Analytics Engine, as a medical device for ambulatory physiological monitoring.