The new IQFISH lung cancer panel has been developed for automated analysis on Dako Omnis.

The lung cancer panel allows routine pathology laboratories to easily incorporate quality FISH into their IHC workflow.

It helps labs to simultaneously stain IHC and FISH slides, in addition to enabling multiple FISH slides to be processed in four hours.

The new panel, which includes ALK, ROS1, RET and MET IQFISH probes, has been designed by using oligonucleotide-based SureFISH technology and formamide-free IQFISH fast hybridization buffer.

Agilent diagnostics and genomics group president Jacob Thaysen said: "We are excited about the upcoming probe launches for Dako Omnis.

"Agilent is committed to improving the speed and accuracy of patient-sample processing and the quality of test performance. We know that these factors greatly affect treatment decisions and patient outcome."

Last year, the company has also launched HER2 IQFISH pharmDx for analysis on Dako Omnis.

The company also markets SureSelectQXT reagent kit, a next-generation sequencing target enrichment solution that produces sample-to-sequencing-ready libraries in seven hours with only 50ng of input gDNA.

The kits' hybridization technology enables the sensitivity and specificity required for the complete and accurate variant analysis of exomes or custom genomic regions.

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