US-based healthcare company Agiliti has acquired surgical equipment repair services provider Northfield Medical in a deal valued at around $475m.

Based in Detroit, Northfield Medical is a national independent service organisation that offers surgical equipment repair services to customers in the healthcare industry.

Northfield Medical has expertise in the repair of endoscopes, surgical instruments and other operating room equipment.

The company mainly focuses on the designing and development of repair techniques, process standardisation, component design and quality assurance programmes to better serve the customers.

Its medical device repair services include flexible endoscope repair, rigid endoscope repair, surgical instrument repair and power and video equipment repair.

Northfield also offers additional services, including instrument management, preowned equipment, steriliser chamber cleaning and process assessment.

In addition, Northfield Medical provides comprehensive education, training, and development opportunities related to the care, handling, storage, maintenance, and repair requirements for surgical instruments and endoscopic equipment.

The company has a nationwide network of local and in-market repair centers, as well as five centres of excellence.

In July 2019, Agiliti acquired Zetta Medical Technologies, a medical imaging equipment services and parts provider.

Zetta has expertise in offering multi-vendor clinical engineering services, parts, and pre-owned equipment for medical imaging modalities, including CT, MRI and PET/CT

Agiliti offers medical equipment management and service solutions to its customers. The company serves over 7,000 national, regional and local acute care and alternate site providers across the US.