GE Healthcare has teamed up with radiotherapy provider Elekta and neuroimaging company Imeka to provide enhanced radiation therapy and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) offerings.

Under their collaboration agreement, GE Healthcare and Elekta will enable hospitals to offer a complete imaging and treatment solution for cancer patients requiring radiation therapy.

The partnership will combine GE Healthcare’s imaging solutions with Elekta’s radiation therapy solutions to address the radiotherapy needs of hospitals in both developed and developing markets.

The non-exclusive agreement allows the parties to cooperate with other partners. GE Healthcare and Elekta can offer their individual solutions to any other vendors.

Elekta CEO Gustaf Salford said: “We are driven by our hospitals and cancer centers’ preferences and their need for comprehensive solutions in effective, efficient and safe cancer care.

“Therefore, we’re excited about this collaboration with GE Healthcare. We have many mutual health care providers who see clear synergies and advantages with our respective, strong product portfolios.

“This will allow us to jointly promote solutions for each cancer centre’s needs. Elekta strives to assure that hospitals and cancer centres can create seamless ecosystems that facilitate efficient end-to-end cancer care.”

Under the collaboration with Imeka, GE Healthcare aims to expand its MRI capabilities and advance precision medicine for brain health.

The company will combine Imeka’s neuroimaging technology with BrainWave, its analysis and visualization tool, to facilitate detailed analysis of the brain’s diffusion MRI signals.

The neuroimaging technology, that combines diffusion imaging and AI, is widely applicable in research and clinical care across the spectrum of brain diseases.

Imeka’s unique ANIE biomarker platform combines non-invasive white matter imaging with AI to identify and quantify axonal loss, neuroinflammation, and demyelination.

Imeka chief executive officer Jean-René Bélanger said: “Imeka has experienced rapid momentum over the past several months, including customer and company growth and collaborations with industry innovators like GE Healthcare.

“Our Advanced Neuro Imaging Endpoints (ANIE) biomarker platform is helping scientists, researchers, and clinicians across pharma, life sciences, and healthcare organizations accelerate the search for and development of cures for brain diseases.

“We are excited to partner with GE Healthcare, a pioneer in medical imaging, to expand into additional markets and help clinicians improve patient outcomes.”