Devyser Diagnostics, a provider of diagnostic genetic test solutions, has signed an exclusive collaboration and distribution agreement with US-based medical equipment maker Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Under the terms of the agreement, Thermo Fisher will obtain exclusive rights to commercialise Devyser’s post-transplant monitoring portfolio in North America and Europe.

Devyser will continue to manufacture all products and retain the rights to commercialise its post-transplant products to US laboratories, through its own service laboratory.

Devyser Diagnostics chief executive officer Fredrik Alpsten said: “Partnering with Thermo Fisher, the leading innovator in the HLA industry, is a great opportunity for Devyser and a significant milestone for our company.

“Through this strategic partnership, clinical labs, clinicians and patients in the US, Canada and Europe will have broad and fast access to Devyser ́s innovative NGS-based products for post-transplant monitoring. The agreement is also a quality stamp of our company and our products.”

Devyser currently offers a portfolio of transplant solutions, including Devyser Chimerism for screening and follow-up of post-stem cell transplantation.

Devyser Accept cfDNA is a novel test designed for the detection of donor-derived cell-free DNA in blood samples from kidney-transplant patients.

Thermo Fisher said that the post-transplant NGS products are unique and highly complementary to its existing, One Lambda-branded products.

Devyser Diagnostics CCO Theis Kipling said: “Thermo Fisher is very well-established and positioned in both the US and European market, and with their commercial infrastructure and resources, they can cover both US and Europe efficiently.

“Our sensitive assays and streamlined work process give labs the ability to provide fast and trusted results. Further, the Devyser post-transplant products are pending IVDR certification for the European market.

“Together, our brands provide a strong proposition to customers and laboratories across the transplantation field. Devyser will continue to grow and focus on product development in the transplant field.”