American International Biotechnology Services (AIBioTech) has launched its Absolute Match DNA specimen verification test. The test, which is expected to be performed through AIBioTech’s Fairfax Identity Laboratories division, provides absolute confidence for a patient undergoing a biopsy procedure that their specimen and diagnosis is their own.

Reportedly, erroneous switching of patient specimens is an avoidable problem that may occur at any step of the process in pathology. Regardless of when or where an error occurs, the potential for patient harm is high, particularly for patients who receive potentially irreversible treatment as a result.

Absolute Match, which is highlighted in the special Biotechnology supplement in Wall Street Journal, prevents these avoidable errors by using the latest in DNA identity verification technology. A cheek swab is collected from the patient at the time of their procedure and sealed in a tamper-proof bag.

The DNA on this swab can then be compared to the DNA from the patient’s biopsy tissue, providing absolute assurance for the patient and physician that no switching error has occurred at any point in the process.