BioBright’s DarwinSync platform gives Beckman Coulter access to a large amount of precise data about deployed instrument logs, enabling faster troubleshooting, reduced equipment downtime, and predictive analytics.

Beckman Coulter will deploy BioBright’s DarwinSync platform to multiple instrument categories, expecting to reach close to 200 instruments before the end of the year.

The direct integration of BioBright’s platform with Beckman Coulter provides a reliability advantage for both the end-user and the equipment vendor. The advanced data capabilities of the integrated platform enable Beckman Coulter to develop new analytics to address errors before they happen.

DarwinSync includes software installed on the equipment computer, cloud-based storage and analysis, and search tools that can be integrated into new dashboards or existing customer applications. The platform was designed with strong security provisions from day one, encrypting data end-to-end. The most sensitive data streams can be collected.

The BioBright tool seamlessly collects instrument performance information from equipment outputs, including complex diagnostic information that is difficult and time intensive to obtain. The tool automates the data analysis to provide meaningful insights for users and equipment vendors. This information informs product development, service efficacy, and business strategy.

Beckman Coulter chief engineer Brian Rogers said: “BioBright’s Darwin technology quickly gives us a secure channel to instrument operational data, allowing us to increase instrument availability while improving the effectiveness of our customer support teams.”

Source: Company Press Release.