Deep learning medical imaging analytics company Zebra Medical Vision has collaborated with cloud-based PACS software provider Emergent Connect to provide artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities for imaging cloud customer base.

Under the deal, Zebra Medical Vision will offer AI1 (all in one) bundle solution to Emergent Connect’s customer base, helping to have zero footprint on the client side and avoid the dependence on premise installation and local workstation configurations.

Emergent Connect has selected Zebra Medical’s AI1 solution to provide AI capabilities for imaging cloud customer base

Emergent Connect, which manages millions of imaging records per annum, supports thousands of healthcare professionals and several hundred clinics to provide better patient care.

The user base can access Zebra Medical’s AI1 on Emergent’s Exceed PACS, making it one of the largest cloud-first enrolments of clinical and FDA-cleared AI systems in the market.

The Exceed RIS customers can also access Zebra Medical’s Triage solutions to run as a safety net for all radiologists on call, enabling to flag the presence of acute conditions on head CTs and chest X-rays.

Designed for use in outpatient and in-patients settings, Zebra-Med’s Triage solution will help prioritise scans based on the emergency level. It will help radiologists to conduct prioritised scans in a timely manner.

Scans will be automatically forwarded to Zebra-Med’s cloud-based solution for analysis. Later, the server sends an alert of the positive cases directly to the Emergent Connect worklist for prioritising.

The process will help physicians to save over 85% of the time taken to reach the acute condition, such as a brain bleed in a head CT scan.

Zebra Medical AI1 bundle and Emergent Connect’s OEM model enable seamless integration into their PACS and worklist, providing customers with full price transparency per scan.

Zebra Medical Vision CCO John Logioco said: “We’re honored to take this journey with Emergent Connect, and to offer our services to hundreds of clinics all at once, making this one of the largest enrollments of AI in this market so far.”

In October this year, Medical image archiving and enterprise workflow solutions provider Intelerad Medical Systems has joined forces with medical imaging analytics firm Zebra Medical Vision to accelerate AI adoption through its new Odyssey solution.