Viseon, a leader in minimally invasive spine visualization technologies, today announced use of its new miniature camera system, MaxView, for single position prone XLIF surgery.

MaxView is a state-of-the-art technology that enables high definition, intraoperative visualization and easily integrates into spine procedures for enhanced surgical outcomes, safety, and efficiency. This novel technology overcomes two of the greatest challenges associated with surgeon adoption of single position surgery (SPS) in prone and lateral positions, which are a lack of visualization and challenging surgeon ergonomics.

Historically, many cases that require lateral lumbar interbody fusion (LLIF) and posterior access have been performed as a two-step procedure, requiring the patient be repositioned and re-draped. This repositioning adds at least 30 minutes to the overall procedure time, translating to wasted OR time, increased patient anesthesia time and related risks of complications. MaxView™ enables surgeons to perform the procedure in a single position, eliminating the need for patient repositioning and significantly reduces OR time and anesthesia time. MaxView™ System’s ability to provide a view down the XLIF® retractor that is unobstructed by instrument handles and projected onto a monitor, allows for less opening of the retractor and eliminates the contortions associated with the surgeons having to look down the barrel of the retractor. Surgical performance is improved, patient morbidity is reduced, and the entire OR team can take advantage of the highly magnified, HD views to facilitate workflow and teaching.

Alfred Ogden, MD, Director of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, The Valley Hospital Chief Medical Officer, Neurosurgeons of New Jersey, commented, “Viseon MaxView™ and its facilitation of single position surgery is making me entirely re-evaluate the way I incorporate lateral lumbar interbody fusion into my practice. This technology is a real game-changer and has increased the number of single position lateral/posterior access surgeries I am doing. MaxView™ really facilitates the placement of lateral cages when a case otherwise demands the prone position and facilitates performance of posterior decompression when the lateral position is preferred, greatly expanding the portfolio of cases I am choosing for lateral lumbar interbody fusion. The other really nice thing is the versatility MaxView™ provides in real-time, allowing me to decide intraoperatively whether to do a LLIF or a TLIF at a particular level. I also get the sense that the improved visualization in LLIF allows me to not open the lateral retractor as much, which, theoretically, should lead to less risk of complications.”

“Viseon’s MaxView™ is literally making surgeons rethink the way they operate! The MaxView™ system’s optimized visualization, improved surgeon ergonomics, enhanced OR staff observation and redefined patient safety & OR efficiency is enabling surgeons to adopt single position surgery and expand their indications for these procedures.” stated Matt Anderson, Viseon Vice President US Sales.

Source: Company Press Release