Microbot Medical has received a design patent allowance from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), covering the interface design of a remote controller for its LIBERTY Robotic System.

The US-based company developed LIBERTY as a fully disposable advanced surgical robot with remote operation capabilities, to streamline endovascular procedures.

The unique remote controller for the LIBERTY robotic system is developed based on feedback from the hands-on experience of physicians during its development.

Microbot Medical general manager and chief technology officer Simon Sharon said: “The evolution of the feedback generated during development, lab and pre-clinical settings has resulted in continued improvement over the years.

“We wanted to perfect the remote controller so as to replicate the hand motion during endovascular procedures, and to streamline the interaction with the guidewire, microcatheter and guiding catheter to shorten the time of endovascular procedures.”

Last month, Microbot Medical acquired certain assets from vascular support micro-catheters developer Nitiloop to strengthen its LIBERTY robotic system portfolio.

The acquisition included the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved family of microcatheters, NovaCross CTO, NovaCross Xtreme and NovaCross BTK.

The NovaCross family of microcatheters are intended for the placement of conventional and steerable guidewires beyond stenotic lesions, including chronic total occlusions (CTO), prior to PTCA or stent intervention.

When integrated with Microbot Medical’s One and Done technology, the microcatheters are expected to create procedure-related kits customised for the LIBERTY Robotic System.

The integration is expected to advance endovascular procedures, while eliminating constraints to access and adoption of robotics in the endovascular space, said the company.

Microbot Medical chairman, president, and CEO Harel Gadot then said: “The addition of Nitiloop’s innovative, FDA-cleared microcatheter family complements the unique robotic ecosystem we are establishing for endovascular procedures.

“This is expected to further assist us in executing our strategic plan of becoming a complete procedure-based company, allowing Microbot Medical to be competitive across the entire endovascular robotic space.

“We believe the NovaCross family of products, once integrated into our existing technology platforms with the LIBERTY Robotic System and our future One & Done technology, will potentially standardise endovascular procedures globally and may finally allow accessibility to robotic technology for the millions that are in dire need of life-saving treatment.”