The Keller Funnel, launched in September of 2009, was profiled at the 27th Annual Breast Surgery Symposium sponsored by Southeastern Society of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (SESPRS) in Atlanta, Georgia.

The tool was designed to address the challenges associated with delivering a gel implant through a small surgical incision.

South Carolina-based plastic surgeon Kevin Keller created the funnel to make the delivery process easier for surgeons and the outcome gentler for patients.

In November, Keller Medical was granted a device license to distribute the Keller Funnel in Canada adding to its active international markets which include Japan, Taiwan and Singapore.

SESPRS president and plastic surgeon James Grotting discussed the Keller Funnel in his presentation entitled ‘Early Experience with Funnel Technique for Gel Implant Insertion’ where he stated that the medical device provided a simple, elegant and better way to insert a silicone implant.

Keller Medical is awaiting for CE mark and plans to distribute the Funnel in the EU later this year.