Medical device company Transit Scientific has secured CE mark approval for its non-tapered metal alloy XO CrossÒ microcatheter platform.

In complex endovascular procedures, microcatheters are generally used to offer guidewire support and facilitate guidewire exchanges, as well as access distal anatomy and cross lesions.

They are also useful to deliver therapeutic embolics and inject contrast media during the procedures.

Transit Scientific has designed the XO Cross platform to offer new levels of pushability, trackability and torque response for enhanced access in challenging peripheral lesions.

With non-tapered, metal-alloy and polymer construction, the new device provides fatigue-resistance for tackling tough calcium and plaque found in late-stage peripheral artery disease (PAD) and critical limb ischemia (CLI) patients.

The company has successfully completed a multi-site multi-user limited release of the platform in the US.

At present, the firm intends to introduce the 2Fr XO Cross 14 microcath, 2.6Fr XO Cross 18 microcath, and the 3.8Fr XO Cross 35 support catheter in Europe over the coming months.

XO Cross is a support catheter platform, which is provided in different working lengths such as 90cm, 135cm, 150cm, and 175cm for use with standard 0.014″, 0.018″, and 0.035″ guidewires.

In addition, the longer 175cm versions have been designed to support radial artery to peripheral access or pedal access from a contralateral femoral approach.

Transit Scientific president Greg Method said: “This CE Mark clearance expands our ability to deliver new technologies designed to improve patient care in the European market.

“We’ve been thrilled with the results we achieved thus far with our early US users and believe XO Cross represents the future of micro and support catheter design. CE Mark approval was an important milestone that paves the way for future versions and applications of this unique technology.”

Transit Scientific is engaged in the designing, development and commercialisation of medical devices. Its portfolio includes CE mark and FDA cleared XO CrossÒ microcatheters and FDA cleared XO ScoreÒ scoring sheath.