Medical technology firm Terumo Europe and University Medical Centre Utrecht (UMCU) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU), extending their existing partnership in the field of oncology.

Terumo and UMCU previously collaborated in technology transfer, product development and the advancement of clinical evidence in several oncology fields.

The fields include selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT), also called radioembolization (RA) or Transarterial radioembolisation (TARE), to treat unresectable liver tumours.

With the MoU, both parties are enabled to enhance knowledge and develop solutions that provide significant clinical benefits to cancer patients and provide access to treatments.

UMC Utrecht interventional radiologist Maarten Smits said: “Terumo and the UMC Utrecht have a fruitful history of collaboration on QuiremSpheres Holmium-166 Microspheres for radioembolisation of liver tumours.

“This memorandum of understanding underlines the collaboration that is already there for QuiremSpheres Holmium-166 Microspheres and the ambition to collaborate in the broader range of interventional oncology, including tumour ablation and chemoembolisation.

“Terumo’s dedication to improve patient care and the company’s global reach make Terumo an ideal partner for this journey.”

Quirem Medical, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Terumo, is engaged in manufacturing QuiremSpheres, the only commercially available microspheres containing the radioactive isotope Holmium-166.

According to clinical trials, holmium microspheres demonstrated safety and efficacy in the treatment of unresectable liver tumours.

Also, Quirem Medical manufactures the SIRT work-up product QuiremScout Holmium-166 Microspheres, used in select patients before the SIRT procedure therapy.

In April this year, the medical technology firm announced the launch of its Global Therapeutic Interventional Oncology (TIO) team, to work in the field of Interventional Oncology.

Terumo interventional systems EMEA senior vice president Ghada Farah said: “With the acquisition of Quirem Medical in 2020 and the creation of the Global TIO team in 2021, we see great opportunities to leverage the broad Terumo technology base in interventional oncology for improved cancer care.

“The UMC Utrecht has proven a highly reliable, professional & innovative clinical partner with a strong focus on image guided therapies in cancer care.

“As such, the UMC Utrecht is a partner of choice in this journey; and we look forward to a successful continuation of our close collaboration in education, innovation and data generation to contribute to society through healthcare together.”