The company has recently obtained US FDA and CE mark approval for the device to treat abdominal aortic aneurysms.

The new device is part of the Endurant family of products, which have been used to treat around 160,000 patients across the globe since they were introduced in 2008, said Medtronic.

Featuring same delivery system, Endurant IIs complements the existing Endurant II stent graft. Both of them allow accurate placement and controlled deployment of the device within the aorta.

The Endurant IIs stent graft features equal leg diameters to allow limbs to be used on either side, and offers a shorter ipsilateral leg for more flexible targeted limb placement.

University of Alabama Birmingham vascular surgery and endovascular therapy chief and surgery professor William Jordan said: "Every AAA patient has different anatomical features, which is why it’s so important for a stent graft system to provide for a wide variety of anatomical customization options.

"The Endurant stent graft system sets the standard for configuration possibilities, and the addition of the Endurant IIs stent graft expands the possibilities even further."

A stent graft is a tubular medical device, which creates a new path for blood flow through the diseased segment of the aorta, and reduces pressure on the aneurysm and the risk of rupture.