Ortho-biologics company Royal Biologics has introduced Cryo-Cord, which is claimed to be the first DMSO-free viable umbilical cord graft.

Cryo-Cord was collected with consent from healthy mothers during cesarean section delivery. It has been designed to use as a soft tissue barrier or wound dressing.

Cryo-Cord processed using aseptic techniques

The company has used aseptic techniques to process Cryo-Cord, while applied cryoprotectant to freeze the umbilical cord graft.

Royal Biologics CEO Salvatore Leo said: “Cryo-Cord offers a new enhancement to traditional wound care therapies and we are excited to pave the way with the first DMSO-free cryoprotectant graft on the market.”

Royal Biologics is exhibiting Cryo-Cord and a new portfolio of autologous live cellular (ALC) technologies at the NY20 Foundation for Podiatric Medicine meeting in New York, which is being held from 24 to 26 January.

At the event, the company will also present the Maxx-Cell bone marrow aspiration device, which does not need centrifugation to deliver a final end product.

The Maxx-Cell system optimises stem and progenitor cell yields by allowing the surgeon to collect bone marrow from multiple levels within the medullary space, while regulating dilution of peripheral blood.

The process helps to generate a pure enriched form of bone marrow aspirate without the application of centrifugation.

Royal Biologics has also recently announced the introduction of MAGNUS, a DMSO-free viable cellular bone allograft developed as an alternative solution to traditional viable cellular allograft technology.

Leo further added: “We are excited to participate in NY20 and share how our Autologous Live Cellular based therapies give the surgeons an efficient and effective way to enhance surgical outcomes by providing alternatives to conventional therapies for bone and soft tissue related injuries.”

Royal Biologics is involved in the research and advancement of novel ortho-biologics solutions.

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