Silicon photonics technology firm Rockley Photonics has introduced a new complete full-stack clinic-on-the-wrist digital health sensor system.

To allow wearable devices to monitor multiple biomarkers, the firm’s sensor module and associated reference designs for consumer products combine hardware and application firmware.

The biomarkers monitored by the devices include core body temperature, blood pressure, body hydration, alcohol, lactate, and glucose trends.

Rockley’s full-stack sensing solution consists of a wristband with a sensor module, which allows to communicate with custom cloud-based analytical engines through a Rockley smartphone app.

The company has announced that the wristband will be used in a sequence of in-house human studies in the coming months.

Rockley Photonics CEO and founder Dr Andrew Rickman said: “Our full-stack sensor solution, which brings together optical and electronic hardware, firmware, algorithms, and cloud-based analytics, is an exciting milestone on our roadmap.

“Our reference designs will significantly aid our customers and partners with the deployment of our technology and accelerate their own scalable, high-volume product delivery.”

Utilising a miniaturised chip solution, Rockley’s clinic-on-the-wrist technology enables continuous and non-invasive monitoring of core biomarkers, thereby helping to address the key challenges associated with mobile wellness monitoring.

The firm’s infrared (IR) spectrophotometers hold the potential to identify and monitor a much wider range of biomarkers compared to currently available wearable consumer electronic devices, said Rockley.

Based on the Rockley platform’s spectroscopy technology, the sensor non-invasively examines beneath the skin to analyse blood, interstitial fluids, and various layers of the dermis for constituents and physical phenomena of interest.

The sensor module enables to generate a large number of discrete laser outputs from a single silicon chip, which covers a broad optical band.

In March this year, Rockley Photonics agreed to combine with a publicly traded special purpose acquisition company SC Health.