Ventripoint Diagnostics has obtained marketing approval from the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to expand the use of its VMS heart analysis system.

The company noted that the VMS system is indicated for use where right ventricle (RV) volumes and ejection fractions are warranted or desired.

VMS is claimed to be the first cost-effective and accurate tool for measuring right ventricle heart function.

Ventripoint Diagnostics clinical affairs and development vice-president Jim Bodtke said: "This change in use criteria means physicians in the US can now use the VMS on patients that they believe will benefit from assessment of RV function, without being limited to a specific condition.

"Accurate RV volume assessment is the key to the full understanding or treatment of many heart conditions, and the VMS is the only method on the market that provides results that are widely considered as accurate as the gold standard, MRI."

Earlier, the system was limited in use on adults with known pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) that is newly diagnosed in around 200,000 individuals each year in the US.

The expanded approval allows the device to be used on around 20,000,000 people that suffer from heart disease.