US-based medical device company restor3d has announced the first successful implantation of its next-generation Kinos Axiom Total Ankle System with TIDAL Technology.

The company has also announced the commercial launch of the mobile companion App for its r3id personalised surgery platform.

The Kinos Axiom Total Ankle System is designed to treat ankle arthritis by replacing the ankle joint with a prosthesis and now features TIDAL technology.

TIDAL technology is the company’s interconnected porous architecture, designed to optimise bone in-growth and fixation to ensure long-term implant stability.

The bone-implant interface of the 3D printed tibial and talar implants, together with the biomechanics of the Kinos Axiom, will maximise cortical bone contact and durability of the prosthesis, said the company.

restor3d chief technology officer Cambre Kelly said: “The release of the Kinos Axiom Total Ankle System with TIDAL Technology is predicated on years of scientific research and engineering development.

“We are proud to deliver a data-driven implant system with market-disrupting innovation to address the clinical needs of patients receiving ankle arthroplasty.

Keith Jacobson from Advanced Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Specialists, a division of Orthopedic Centers of Colorado, implanted the first Kinos Axiom system last week.

Jacobson said: “As an existing user, I was pleased to be the first surgeon to use the new 3D printed tibial implant for one of my patients.

“Key to implant survivorship, this system was effectively designed to optimize bony ingrowth. These advancements demonstrate restor3d’s dedication to putting patient outcomes first.”

In September last year, restor3d released its r3id Personalised Surgery platform, which serves as the ultimate personalised surgery planning experience.

The r3id platform enables surgeons to create and track cases, along with collaborating with the company’s design engineering team to maximise surgical outcomes.

It is offering the r3id App for iOS and Android mobile devices, where users can collaborate, design, and approve on the go, said restor3d.

Kelly added: “Additionally, the launch of r3id for mobile is a significant advancement of restor3d’s vision to deliver an enhanced surgical planning solution.

“The latest version of the r3id application facilitates a seamless collaboration among restor3d’s Design Engineering team, surgeons, clinical staff members, and sales agents.”