Medical technology firm Royal Philips has entered into a strategic collaboration with computational pathology start-up Paige to provide clinical-grade artificial intelligence (AI) applications to pathology laboratories.

The pathologists may apply these AI technologies to identify, quantify and characterise cancer in tissue samples, as well as to conduct diagnoses more efficiently.

Paige CEO Leo Grady said: “Pathology is transforming into a digital discipline and holds a strong promise for using AI solutions to aid, streamline, and enhance decision-making.

“Together with digital pathology providers, starting with Philips, one of the leaders in the clinical digital pathology space, we want to convert this promise into a clinical reality that supports pathologists and their patients.”

The tissue samples are digitally displayed on computers that aid pathologists to easily diagnose them using advanced imaging analysis and workflow software.

Philips plans to provide Paige Prostate software to European pathology laboratories in 2020

Under the deal, Philips is planning to provide CE-marked Paige Prostate software to pathology laboratories in Europe in 2020.

Philips IntelliSite Pathology Solution, in combination with Paige Prostate software, is intended to provide an advanced digital and computational pathology workflow experience to laboratories.

Several pathology laboratories are claimed to have replaced glass slide-based workflow with Philips’ clinically approved digital pathology solution.

Following the availability of digital images, the laboratories can use Paige Prostate software to automatically detect and localise prostate cancer.

The software enables pathologists to collect significant information for use in the evaluation of prostate biopsies.

Philips digital computational pathology business leader Marlon Thompson said: “We want to empower pathologists with the latest computational pathology solutions to enhance the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.”

Recently, Philips introduced new IntelliSpace AI Workflow Suite, which helps healthcare providers to incorporate AI applications into the imaging workflow.