Health technology company Royal Philips has expanded its home care portfolio for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients with the introduction of a new non-invasive ventilator.

The company has introduced Philips Ventilator BiPAP A40 EFL, which is claimed to be the first and only non-invasive ventilator that enables health care professionals to automatically screen and detect expiratory flow limitation (EFL) to deliver optimal homecare therapy.

Featuring the company’s clinically validated ExpiraFlow technology, the non-invasive ventilator has the capacity to continuously and optimally adjust pressure based on patient requirements.

ExpiraFlow technology is said to automatically identify EFL more precisely than any alternate methods to deliver effective treatment for patients at the home.

Philips stated that BiPAP A40 EFL leverages its connected solution platform to streamline diagnostic work through integration to Alice sleep lab and home diagnostic systems.

BiPAP A40 EFL connects to Philips Care Orchestrator cloud-based care management system when prescribed and used in the home.

BiPAP A40 EFL is CE marked

Philips already secured CE mark approval for BiPAP A40 EFL and the ventilator will be initially commercialised in selected countries in Europe.

The company plans to expand the availability of BiPAP A40 EF to additional European markets in 2021. Philips Ventilator BiPAP A40 EFL is not yet available in the US.

Philips respiratory care business leader Eli Diacopoulos said: “At Philips, we’re committed to identifying these gaps and meeting the challenges that COPD patients face every day.

“BiPAP A40 EFL aims to revolutionize COPD care solutions. Clinicians can now detect EFL in hypercapnic COPD patients at the point of care, ensure personalized patient treatment at home and monitor care remotely.”

In September, Philips launched Azurion Lung Edition, an advanced 3D imaging and navigation platform for the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer.