Apricus Biosciences has presented results of a pre-clinical pharmacokinetic study demonstrating the ability of NexACT drug delivery technology to enable rectal delivery of biologics as human antibodies.

The data from the study showed that rectal delivery of Rituxan, formulated with NexACT delivery system, yielded similar blood levels of the antibody, as compared to delivery via subcutaneous route.

Apricus president and CEO Bassam Damaj said that the results of this early stage study are highly encouraging and they are aware that this is the only rectal delivery technology that can deliver systemic, fully humanized antibodies in levels comparable to those obtained via the subcutaneous delivery route.

“These pre-clinical results further demonstrate the versatility and potential of the NexACT technology as a multi-route delivery vehicle and a successful reformulation of Rituxan via rectal administration could thereby provide patients the benefit of avoiding painful intravenous infusions and risks of systemic infection. It could also offer the potential of at-home administration,” Damaj said.