Israeli startup Ophthalmic Sciences has unveiled new artificial intelligence (AI) based contactless intraocular pressure (IOP) measuring device called IOPerfect.

IOPerfect is claimed to be the world’s first AI contactless device for measuring eye fluid pressure.

Suitable for different use cases, the devices will be offered in two versions such as the IOPerfect and the IOPerfect Plus.

Combining AI-based visual analysis in a VR-like headset, the IOPerfect enables tele-diagnosis and remote monitoring of glaucoma.

Ophthalmic Sciences’ technology allows patients to monitor their IOP (fluid pressure inside the eyes) any time of the day at home, by wearing a VR-like headset.

The test, which is designed to be performed within two minutes, will not be affected by corneal thickness and delivers AI-based image processing analysis of vascular pressure response with its advanced algorithm.

Ophthalmic Sciences CEO Ariel Weinstein said: “Growing exposure to phone and computer screens appears to be linked to increased glaucoma prevalence. Along with an ageing population, the risk keeps getting higher, increasing the need for early diagnosis.

“But most importantly, the past year has proven the value of tele-diagnosis and this fact has attracted significant attention from clinicians and investors in our venture.”

IOPerfect administers mild controlled air pressure within the headset, and the micro-video cameras capture the difference in response to pressure of internal against external eye blood vessels.

Later, the data will be uploaded to a secure cloud for analysis. The results will be used by the clinician for interpretation.

The company has designed the IOPerfect for use at home, eye-care clinics, emergency rooms, primary care physicians’ offices for at-risk patient screening and nursing homes, as well as pharmacies that offer health services.

The AI contactless device is expected to be available for sale in the US and Europe in 2023.