The Mexican Secretary of Health (COFEPRIS), short for the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risk, has approved NuvoAir’s technology to be launched in Mexico. NuvoAir is partnering with the team at Inpharamo who has previously successfully launched digital health solutions in the Mexican market.

“COFEPRIS approval represents an important milestone for NuvoAir. We are thrilled that thousands of patients suffering from respiratory conditions and physicians in Mexico can benefit from our solutions”- Lorenzo Consoli, CEO and founder of NuvoAir.

Inpharamo will distribute NuvoAir products to a wide spectrum of customers and partners to make NuvoAir diagnostic and digital therapeutics platform available to thousands of physicians and patients. Mexico is the second-largest pharmaceuticals and health-tech market in Latin America and a frontrunner in deploying digital health and telemedicine solutions.

“We are extremely delighted about the opportunity to introduce NuvoAir’s technology in Mexico. It can make a real difference to the millions of people suffering from respiratory diseases in the country,” says Dr. Ricardo Márquez, Medical Director and founder of Inpharamo.

“Diagnosing COPD has been traditionally very complex in Mexico and many patients are still undiagnosed. Moreover, once diagnosed, respiratory patients are not followed up regularly increasing the risk of exacerbations. NuvoAir has not only simplified the diagnostic process but also bridged the communication gap between patients and physicians, thus improving the quality of care.”

Respiratory diseases are a growing public health concern in Mexico, with asthma and COPD ranked among the leading cause of death according to official estimates. While prevalence of asthma and COPD is estimated at about 8% each, under-diagnosis and misdiagnosis are key challenges, especially in a primary care setting. For COPD alone, more than 80% of cases go undiagnosed.

NuvoAir is a digital therapeutics company dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by respiratory conditions. NuvoAir connected ecosystem makes sense of patient data to guide a more personalised approach to improving health-related outcomes for chronic respiratory patients.

Source: Company Press Release