The Unify Quadra works with Quartet left ventricular pacing lead featuring four electrodes, instead of the usual two.

The multiple pacing leads aid physician to optimize the system at implant and throughout the life of the patient, as well as to better manage common pacing complications without exposing the patient to additional surgeries to reposition the lead.

The quadripolar pacing electrodes also facilitate physicians with additional benefits such as pacing around scar tissue in the heart and avoid the pacing complications.

The Unify Quadra uses the new International Standards Organization (ISO) DF4 and IS4 connector specifications to further streamline the procedure.

The DF4 connector decreases the number of connections between the defibrillation lead and the device, which can improve patient comfort by reducing the bulk of wires in the patient’s chest.

The IS4 connector enables four electrodes to be used on the Quartet left ventricular pacing lead while connecting to a single standard connector on the Unify Quadra device.

St Jude Medical Cardiac Rhythm Management Division president Eric Fain said based on the clinical evidence, positive experiences and publications to date, this CRT system has the potential to redefine the standard of care in resynchronization therapy for heart failure patients.