nRichDX announces the launch of its RevolutionTM System, a high-yield sample prep platform. This patented IVD system is designed to increase liquid biopsy-based test sensitivity by delivering exponentially more target input for molecular assays. The target yield increase is accomplished by combining the ability to process a wide range of sample volumes (3 mL-50 mL) with market-leading recovery rates of 70%-90%.

The Revolution System’s initial application is for the extraction of cfDNA from plasma and urine with applications for CTCs, exosomes and total cell-free nucleic acid in the development pipeline.

“After three years of development, we are very excited to introduce our Revolution System,” said nRichDX’s CEO, William Curtis. “The data that we’ve developed in collaboration with early adopters like Dr. Greg Tsongalis of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and Dr. Ryan Corcoran of Massachusetts General Hospital are highly compelling. We are confident that our Revolution System will advance the promise of precision medicine by enabling a significant increase in liquid biopsy-based test sensitivity.” “It’s biology and math,” Curtis added, “and the Revolution System’s patented methodology brings them together for a unique and powerful sample prep solution that enables cancer detection in early stages and at low allele frequencies.”

nRichDX will be showcasing its Revolution System in Booth #2655 during the upcoming Association for Molecular Pathology meeting (November 7-9) at Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, MD. The following two poster presentations speak to the performance of the Revolution System:

“Assessment of the nRichDX Revolution Instrument and Isolation Kit for Cell-Free DNA Extraction from Liquid Biopsy.” Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Poster TT044, Abstract 16939, Technical Topics category.

“nRichDX Revolution Instrument and cfDNA Isolation Kit for Extraction of cfDNA from Large Plasma and Urine Sample Volumes Improves Yield of Rare Targets.” Poster TT039, Abstract 16906, Technical Topics category.

Source: Company Press Release