Biodental Remin has the technical know how to manufacture Enamelguard, a material that is tasteless and water soluble, with wide application in oral hygiene, confectionary, beverage, nutraceutical and pet care industries. Biodental also intend to use Enamelguard in their own line of dental professional and oral health care products.

Reportedly, Group Pharma is interested to use Enamelguard in the manufacture and sale within India of professional dental and consumer-level oral-hygiene products for remineralising teeth. Moreover, Group Pharma can also assist in facilitating low cost clinical studies and research.

Biodental Remin will also be able to access low-cost production centres of Group Pharma for the manufacture of BDR’s mass-market products to be sold elsewhere.

Group Pharma claims that with more than 250 sales representatives it meets more than 60,000 dentists each month; and its oral hygiene products are sold through some 85,000 retail outlets.

Tim Erskine-Smith, managing director of Biodental Remin, said that he welcomed the partnership with Group Pharma and that he was delighted to have such strong support from a large and influential pharmaceutical company at this early stage of the company’s development.