US-based medical software provider Novarad has expanded its partnership with PenRad, a provider of automated tracking and reporting system for lung screening.

Under the expanded partnership, PenRad will integrate its lung screening platform PenLung with Novarad’s NovaPACS enterprise imaging platform.

NovaPACS provides a simple and effective reading and reporting solution, focused on improving patient health and managing workflows.

The integrated platform, together with various components, would enable users to visualise different kinds of studies from a single workstation.

Novarad will start offering PenRad’s PenLung, and PenAlert solutions, in addition to the PenConnect and PenTrac products from the company.

The two solutions are capable of reporting CT lung screening results for nearly 50 different abnormality profiles and 30 Lung-RADS combinations for audit and recall requirements.

Novarad senior product director David Grandpre said: “We are pleased to be able to add PenLung and PenAlert to the arsenal of products that arm radiologists with the tools to provide faster and more accurate diagnoses, which results in better patient care and reduced patient vulnerability.

“Recent changes in LDCT lung screening guidelines and an increase of 37% in payment for outpatient lung imaging will drive demand for more efficient workflow and analytics programs; NovaPACS with PenLung fits the bill.”

PenRad Technologies president and CEO Greg Gustafson said: “PenLung Low Dose CT screening software provides radiology departments optimized workflow benefits and tracking efficiencies previously only required by women’s imaging programs.”

In a separate development, Novarad has entered into a new partnership with CureMetrix, a healthcare technology form focused on AI-powered radiology solutions.

Under the partnership, the company will integrate its imaging tools with the latter’s AI-based women’s health tools for mammography for distribution in the US.

Novarad will become the exclusive PACS distributor of CureMetrix AI for small- and mid-sized imaging centres and hospitals across the US.

In addition, the company will implement cmAngio, CureMetrix’ AI-based software designed to evaluate the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD), using mammogram.

CureMetrix chief executive officer Navid Alipour said: “By integrating our AI solutions with Novarad’s we can help radiologists diagnose breast cancer earlier and more accurately, and help doctors identify women at risk for CHD.

“CureMetrix solutions will enhance the performance of physicians using Novarad’s outstanding platforms, improving both clinical and financial outcomes both now and well into the future.”