Nikon Instruments, a provider of microscope-based optical and imaging technologies, has introduced ECLIPSE Ui, its integrated microscope-based viewing system.

The ECLIPSE Ui is intended for both in-person clinical and remote pathological observation.

It comes with a unique microscope design that eliminates eyepieces to provide a completely digital user experience, improving viewing and sharing of images in real-time.

The microscope is said to reduce the physical burden for pathologists, while providing comfort by retaining their natural posture.

The ECLIPSE Ui has been initially released for sale in Japan, with the US and Europe will now provide support to pathologists by improving the workflow of pathological observation.

Nikon Instruments product associate general manager Joseph LoBiondo said: “Nikon is proud to enter the medical product market with the introduction of the Ui.

“This digital microscope will greatly aid clinical pathologists with observation and collaborations while being easy to operate and comfortable to use by eliminating the need to look through eyepieces for hours at a time.”

According to the company, clinical pathologists regularly experience fatigue due to long periods of microscope operation, and remotely connect with other physicians for opinion.

Its ECLIPSE Ui will address both issues by simplifying the microscope operation and remote collaboration, while eliminating the discomfort related to manual observation using eyepiece.

The remote sharing of live image data in real-time will increase the free flow of ideas and opinions between medical professionals, and saves time and resources.

Its design streamlines the operation, and automatically brings the specimen into focus within about 2.5 seconds, at the press of a button.

The microscope solution can simultaneously display macro image and micro image on the same screen, to provide spatial context and support navigation.

The physicians, when contacted by pathologists, can both view the image in real time and remotely control the ECLIPSE Ui, said the imaging technology company.