NextMind, a neurotechnology startup, has unveiled a brain-sensing wearable that can be used to control any device in real-time, using the person’s thoughts.

The company said that its groundbreaking technology is set to be the world’s first noninvasive, brain-computer interface that translates brain signals into digital commands for any device in real-time.

NextMind founder and CEO Sid Kouider said: “This technology breakthrough represents the next frontier of human-computer interaction and we are truly humbled to be here today introducing NextMind to the world.

“For those who have said it would never be possible with noninvasive technology to communicate intent and implement actions directly from our brain to the world around us, it’s time to believe – because this is real, and the possibilities are truly endless.”

NextMind combines non-invasive brain-sensing technology with machine learning algorithms

NextMind’s device is small in size, light in weight, and round-shaped, to fit into the back of a cap or headband, and rest gently on the user’s head.

The wireless design of the brain-sensing device facilitates easy portability and is equipped with the patented dry active electrodes to provide high-quality signals while remaining comfortable.

The device captures data from the electrical signals created by the user’s neuron activity in the visual cortex, and transforms the output into real-time digital commands, by combining non-invasive brain-sensing technology with machine learning algorithms.

By doing so, it enables a user to easily interact and control a computer, AR/VR headset or any device within the Internet of Things.

The company said that a limited number of its development kits are planned to be shipped during the first half of 2020, for which the pre-order announcement is expected in January.

NextMind is a tech start-up engaged in developing unique brain-sensing wearable devices, and its ground-breaking technology is based on verified scientific research conducted over the past 20 years.

The company has launched the wearable brain-sensing device at the ongoing startup and tech event Slush 2019.