US-based healthcare solutions provider Movano Health has launched its new medical-grade Evie smart ring for women to track and manage their overall health.

Evie is said to be a sleek, intelligent, and comfortable wearable that offers users medical-grade health data that can be converted into personalised insights delivered through a mobile app, which has no monthly subscription.

Movano is planning to seek FDA clearance for the new wearable which is claimed as the first consumer wearable that is also a medical device.

Evie was created in accordance with regulatory requirements and constructed in a medical device manufacturing facility that complies with ISO13485 and cGMP standards, said the company.

The clearance will provide women with dependable, individualised insights that can assist them in making links between causes and effects. Additionally, Evie can deliver data that clinicians can deem reliable for patient care.

Movano said that Evie will be presented at CES 2023 with a demo that highlights its functionality and enables users to collect real-time heart rate and SpO2 data inside the app.

It has three different finishes and is composed of polished metal. The ring’s open form provides for a comfortable fit and will be offered in sizes 5 to 11, the healthcare solutions provider said.

To be available in 2023, the smart ring is anticipated to cost less than $300 and come without any additional monthly subscription fees.

Movano Health CEO Dr John Mastrototaro said: “As a medical device, Evie will go beyond the status quo of other wearables on the market, and we believe it has the power to transform women’s lives and overall health.

“We are bringing together medical-grade biometric data and insights in a comfortable and contemporary wearable that allows women to take ownership of their unique health journey.”

Evie combines health and wellness metrics, such as resting heart rate, heart rate variability, SpO2, respiration rate, skin temperature variability, period and ovulation tracking, menstrual symptom tracking, and activity profile to provide a comprehensive picture of one’s health.

This information is made available via a mobile app that transforms biometric data into useful insights to assist women in making lifestyle changes and adopting a more proactive approach to reduce the risks of chronic disease.