“Bringing together converging technologies—like devices with pharmaceuticals in the case of the Advance PTX balloon—is a critical step in developing advanced medical devices to improve outcomes in specific patient populations,” said Rob Lyles, vice president and global leader of Cook Medical’s peripheral intervention division.

Cook also unveiled several products, includes its Approach CTO microwires. The Approach CTO microwires are the first .014-inch wires designed specifically for crossing chronic total occlusions and extremely tight lesions in the peripheral arteries, including the SFA, popliteal and tibial arteries.

“The Approach microwire line has several product features that address the challenging anatomy of the leg, an important step in the development of PAD medical technology,” said Lyles. “This latest advancement illustrates Cook’s commitment to exploring every possible technology to treat PAD. At Cook, we continuously strive to improve the quality of our products and, in turn, improve the quality of patient outcomes.”