The ReDSTM PRO is an accurate measurement tool to evaluate pulmonary congestion providing additional information to assist a physician in their assessment of a patient’s condition. Assessment with the aid of ReDSTM technology has helped physicians at facilities across the country to better manage their patients’ heart failure, with the goal of avoiding readmissions.

Medicure, a cardiovascular pharmaceutical company, is pleased to announce the launch of the ReDSTM PRO (ReDSTM PRO) system, the next generation of lung fluid management technology for heart failure. The debut of the new system took place at the recent Heart Failure Society of America (HFSA) conference in Philadelphia, PA.

ReDSTM PRO is optimized for the point-of-care market, designed for use in hospitals and sub-acute facilities. ReDSTM PRO utilizes non-invasive low energy radio frequency technology that produces reliable fluid volume readings after only 45 seconds of measurement. The ReDSTM PRO can be utilized across the continuum of hospital care, from the emergency department to discharge and subacute rehabilitation.

Medicure previously announced, on January 28, 2019, that it had entered an agreement with Sensible Medical Innovations Inc. (“Sensible”) to become the exclusive marketing partner for the ReDS™ point of care system in the United States, a non-invasive, FDA-cleared medical device that provides an accurate, actionable and absolute measurement of lung fluid which is important in the management of congestive heart failure.  The ReDSTM PRO represents the next generation of this device.

“Medicure was excited to introduce the ReDSTM PRO at the HFSA conference in an effort to improve the quality of life of heart failure patients. The device is being sold by Medicure directly to hospitals through our existing commercial operation and supports our mission of being a significant, value-based, cardiovascular company focused on the U.S. market.” commented Dr. Albert Friesen, Chief Executive Officer for Medicure.

Source: Company Press Release