Inspira Technologies has teamed up with Perfusion Solution to combine its INSPIRA ART100 offering with Perfusion Solution’s wide commercial footprint and infrastructure across the US.

The INSPIRA ART100 is an extracorporeal blood circulation device that directly oxygenates the blood and removes carbon dioxide to provide cardio-pulmonary support.

Also, the device provides life support to patients undergoing open-heart surgery or following surgery in intensive care units, said Inspira.

Inspira Technologies president, director and co-founder Joe Hayon said: “This collaboration combines our INSPIRA ART100 with Perfusion Solution’s diverse commercial infrastructure and outreach.

“We are proud to have been strategically chosen to collaborate with Perfusion Solution, which is a leading platform providing company of advanced medical devices, training, and staffing to leading hospitals across the US.

“We believe that this collaboration is a vote of confidence in Inspira Technologies’ advantages and attractiveness by a leading industry partner.”

The collaboration with Perfusion Solution will allow Inspira to commercialise the INSPIRA ART100 after receiving regulatory approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The partnership also includes a distribution agreement, which will be valid for an initial term of five years, subject to completion of product development and meeting certain purchase targets.

Perfusion Solution is an exclusive provider of perfusion services, open heart surgery hardware, medical devices and disposables for hospitals across the US.

The company offers clinical services, including heart-lung machine management and monitoring, blood management tools and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.

Perfusion Solution CEO David Malkow said: “We are excited to collaborate with Inspira Technologies and look forward to introducing this innovative product to healthcare professionals upon regulatory clearance.”

Perfusion Solution sales and clinical integration VP Jon Bohannan said: “We are honoured to join in a business collaboration with Inspira Technologies. The ever-changing landscape of cardiopulmonary support remains highly segmented and very competitive.

“We believe the INSPIRA ART100 is poised to offer a cutting-edge platform that will encompass innovation, continuity of care, and best practice adoption, as well as offer a highly flexible platform to serve various patient conditions.”