Medical technology company GE Healthcare has introduced new wireless and pocket-sized ultrasound device called Vscan Air.

With the support of advanced software, the new pocket-sized ultrasound solution delivers crystal clear image quality and whole-body scanning.

The company launched the first colour pocket-sized ultrasound solution called Vscan in 2010.

According to GE Healthcare, there are currently more than 30,000 Vscan Family systems in the pockets of clinicians worldwide, impacting the care of over 50 million patients.

Vscan Air’s simple flip of the two-sided probe design enables to efficiently complete both shallow and deep exams. It helps to avoid switching probes in-between or during clinical exams.

SignalMax technology allows the new ultrasound device to deliver crystal clear imaging similar to that provided by larger ultrasound machines.

GE Healthcare global ultrasound CEO and president Anders Wold said: “The Vscan Air exemplifies customer-driven innovation that enables more personalized care for patients worldwide.

“We pioneered handheld ultrasound when we brought the first pocket-sized ultrasound with color Doppler to market and now we see Vscan Air as delivering on the future of healthcare at a time when ultrasound has proven to be an essential tool at the point of care.”

Vscan Air’s user-tested design consists of software presets for fast scanning, single-button probe for easy image capture and freezing, as well as advanced set-up and scan start-up to pair the probe and start scanning instantly.

The new ultrasound device also enables to share auto-anonymised images with patients post-scan.

In addition, the system is said to adapt signal processing from high-end console systems into a custom miniaturised chipset.

It allows delivering high-intensity ultrasound signals to generate high-quality imaging and achieve 77% power reduction compared to off-the-shelf Analog Front End components.